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We offer a Valve Maintenance Class that covers the Cameron T-31, Grove B4 and B5 ball valves and touches on the Tom Wheatley swing check valves. We also cover a section on plug valves. We utilize a power point presentation with several animated slides depicting valve disassembly, operation and seat design and incorporate miscellaneous loose parts in the presentation as well. The presentation is geared to the operations folks and field techs and in addition to the prepared material, we try to address issues or situations which may be unique to that area. Some of the subjects covered are valve terminology, valve design, features, applications and operation, safety, general maintenance procedures, lube sealants and flushing procedures, welding and testing. We can also incorporate a section on Gate Valves if needed. The class typically takes 3 to 3-1/2 hours and there is a minimal charge of $25.00 per person to cover handouts and expenses.


Tim Malloy


San Angelo, TX


Chris Malloy

Regional Account Manager

San Antonio, TX


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